An approach based on integrity and honesty

Radu Holding


Our mission is to develop profitable and sustainable businesses, by seeking innovative solutions to meet the market's needs.

Radu Holding

Code of Ethics

Our ethical code describes the aggregate of our values, principles, and ethical norms necessary to respect dignity, integrity, and safeguarding an equitable approach towards both our employees, as well as towards society as a whole. Our ethical code promotes our values and principles within the Radu Holding group, seeking to raise the quality of our services and to protect the group's reputation.

Our Values


Cooperation - Forging the links into a strong chain!


Efficiency - Just like that!


Courage - We always employ it!


Responsibility - Towards all that surrounds us!


Creativity - It is simple... when the conventional is not enough!

Valoare grup RH

Integrity - We like temptations and opportunities, but we do not let them control us!


Transparency - We are at peace, as we have nothing to hide!

Valori Grup RH

Ambition to be champions - We are always on the move!